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260 260 springs

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with running lowered springs in a 262?
I am piecing one back together after it being in boxes and not running for many years and have pulled the struts from a donor car 265 and the springs are a good deal different to the 262 springs.

Details are sketchy on factory or aftermarket in both cars though here is what I have found:
262 7 coils from base to top
265 7 coils from base to top

262 20mm thick coil diameter
265 15mm coil diameter (maybe a mm thinner if paint removed for both)

at full extension (out of the car) they are 10 mm different in length, though that will be shock full extension rather than spring.

Kings do not list a 260 spring, and I know the engine is heavier. A 262 is heavier than most 245 wagons (discovered that a few days ago, they are HEAVY)! The engine is not only bigger (yes, it is aluminium) though also a lot farther forward due to the odd mounting location which would put more weight on the front springs.

If anyone has been through this any learnings would be appreciated. This is not a concourse car, though a cool cruiser so a couple of non genuine bits are Ok.

Bilsteins are on their way, just need to sort out springs.


  • I'm surprised King Springs don't have a listing.

    I suggest you give them a call tomorrow and ask because not everything might be on the website.
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