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Wanted: Child seat restraint for 92 Volvo 240 wags

Just bought a 92 240GLE wagon. Went to throw the little man's seat in, and it seems to be missing the restraints. Checked the little supplement that came with the owners manual and it seems like behind the little flat panel sitting behind rear seat, there are a few plastic clips and it is just a case of popping out the plastic clip and screwing in the child restraint bracket. Don't know if this is the same system across all model years?

Just need one of them.

Located in Brisbane.



  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    What do you want? The plastic plug?
    The threaded hole? Look for it with a screwdriver.... They are under the carpet?
  • There are three holes in the upper back of the seat maybe still with a plastic plug in place (one in middle position and either side). Your car seat should come with a threaded bolt/bracket thingy that will fit the holes, and then your car seat tether will clip to that. 2 pics attached...one of the required clip that comes with the car seat (or available separately anywhere you buy a car seat), other pic shows an old style attachment in the middle position of my wagon, but thread is the same as all new ones.h7xmmj3c5qnd.jpg
  • Yeah, found the holes no worries, first time I looked. Plastic clips still intact. Never actually had a car that didn't have the bracket fitted. Thought they might be model specific sort of things with particular threads or whatever. Bracket in bottom pic is what I need. Will go rummage around in the box and see what I can find. Else it's off to the shops.
    Cheers DS245
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