Hi all I need some help from the Volvo GURUS!
I changed my PCV system on my 1997 V70 T5 on the Easter long weekend with genuine volvo (IPD USA) parts and did 5/8 tube mod for good measure. I am not a mechanic but know how to remove refit an replace. My trouble is now I believe I have failed my rear main seal lots of oil bottom of the transmission coincidence I am not sure or maybe I messed up. I checked all PCV holes in the block were clear. I did rubber glove test at idle it has plenty of Vacuum if I stall it out 2400rpm (AUTO) IT inflates glove to stand up but not expand like if you were trying to blow it up. Has not popped the dipstick out. Just after any ideas or if any one else has encounter this. Car has 158,000 km on it. If I remove PCV hose from PTC and blow or suck on it it has resistance e.g. motor sealed its like closing your fist and trying to blow through it. And if I remove dipstick and do same test no resistance or pressure held.

Thanks for any help


  • Was there an oil leak before you replaced the breather?
  • If there was it wasn't noticeable no oil on the ground and normal oil smear underneath . I pressure washer motor as had oil build up around distributed and cam angle sensor now it Drips oil lots on the ground when hot and been running. It's motor oil not decreased oil and water. Sorry I didn't take any photos
  • Oil is definitely down low its not from higher up the motor hence why I say rear main. My problem is I didn't do any tests before I replaced PCV so I can't compare with what I am getting now besides oil leak
  • Any one else encountered this problem before?
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