850 indicator/cruise control stalk teardown

jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
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I tore down my old indicator stalk to see what it would be like to repair. The answer is, it's possible, if you have fatigued switch contacts or whatever, to tear it all down and bend them back to shape, but it is fiddly and there's a reasonable chance you'll break something.

With the stalk removed from the car, pry the back off along the visible seam. It's held together very firmly so there's a good chance you'll nick the plastic on the back a few times unless you have some nice small pry tools. Here's a photo with the back removed, showing the four anchor points:


Next you just have to press the internal assembly away from the end of the stalk, then you can lift it out. If you intend to tear it down further, snip the cable tie holding the wires together. Here's what it looks like once it's out:


From this point, you can tear it down completely. The black switches can be popped out with a bit of care, and the switch contacts can be slid out the back. Make sure the centre contacts (for the cruise on/off switch) are slid back in after the switch is re-installed, otherwise they won't get pushed in the right direction by the switch.

Hope that helps, personally this is how I solved my worn out cruise control switches:

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