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Honest John: 740/760 Turbo.

Great article on the 740/760T, in my favourite 5 cars of all time.

The styling IMO is ageing very nicely and is at least the classic the 240 is, and being available in Factory RHD Turbo means it's a better regular drive classic than the 240. But as the article discusses, there are virtually no good ones left, let alone for sale.

The article talks about an advanced "multi link" rear suspension. Only advanced rear suspension I am aware of on the series (at least in Oz) is the 960/S90 sedan. Which leaves the question, is this able to be retrofitted to a 740T chassis without special fabrication?


  • You have to ask the question, why?
  • You have to ask the question, why?

    Wasn't really the Crux of my post, just a side thought that I wondered if anyone had contemplated. I've got two 960 sedans for wrecking with the IRS and wondered if I should save it when I finally get around to sending them to the crusher.
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