timing belt failure

Dumb question for most mechanically minded volvo people.
If a volvo 5 cylinder timing belt fails while starting you be still be able to crank the engine over?
Or would it be so banged up inside that it wouldnt even turn over?


  • I'm looking at picking up a parts car that doesnt start. Guy says it turns over but won't fire?
    Could it be the case that timing belt has gone but it still cranks over?
    Or will the interference be so great that it wont turn over at all if timing belt is gone?
  • It depends but usually it would still turn over but much faster than usual due to lack of compression.
    It's not hard to eyeball the timing belt or is a non running engine a deal-breaker?
  • Just wanted to be able to limp it home.
    need it for panels, couldn't care less about the engine.
    haven't seen car but he reckons its not timing belt but i'm not sure he'd know where to look.
    getting it towed from where it is too expensive, didn't want to waste time looking at it if its something serious.
    if I was nearby I would pop over and prise back the cover to check the belt is in one piece and under tension.
    I thought if belt had broken and bits crashed into other bits it would not turn at all or would start to turn and then jamb violently not to mention sounding like an eggbeater.

  • Nope, would just bend soft valves and keep spinning
  • Aha.
    And its hit or miss whether engine is repairable?
    many many hours of rebuild work and machining and part swapping only to find its not quite as good as before?
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Swap ahead on.
  • Generally all the valves hit the pistons and leave indents that need to be cleaned up while the head is off but as @Ex850R said cheapest option is 2nd hand head and associated gaskets. The bottom end is usually fine
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Or new motor that's good, save money probably....
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