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XC60 XC90 2011 DASH lights going off and staying off intermittently

Got an issue that has reared its head again

The dash lights are on when you start the car but after some time it all goes black, nothing narda, turn the car off for 30minutes and they are on again but with the SRS service light

I can get rid of the SrS message by doing a scan in VIDA , but then the issue comes back

Anyone know what the issue is and if it’s common on this year model


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    What codes are you getting in Vida?
    Also what engine?
  • Next time it does it I’ll take a screen shot

    It’s a lot of communication messages
  • I'd be looking for cem-dim communication codes. When you say no dash lights are talking no illumination or completely blank LCD with non functioning speedo/tacho
  • Also you can see the previous fault code readout by leaving the dice disconnected and clicking on your latest identified vehicles, choosing trans and steering in vehicle profile then clicking on diagnostics. It will come up with a message saying no dice communication but clear that and go to fault trace and click on initial state. You should be able to see the codes you cleared previously unless you scanned it again after clearing the faults.
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    Dash is Completely blank, no gauges or LCD

    I’ll scan tomorrow and see
  • what area you in greg?
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    Hi, In Wollongong NSW
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    This photo shows the error codes , did a scan and it removed them all
  • did you double click on the dim code? to see further diag.
  • Nope , but will when I get home and see what it says
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    also show me unselected codes as only two permanent codes showing so will be interesting to click on time line as well. As it's easter you could txt me that way i could look at it when I get a chance.
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