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Saab prices have gone mental

As Much as i love saab 900's and I've had a couple , the prices seem to have jumped like crazy in the last couple of years, seems to make a good 240 seem like even more of a bargain fq7ybzqmlh9s.jpg


  • That is nuts, surely they aren't actually selling for that? Especially the Saab 9000's
  • My thoughts exactly, would pay 6-7 for a manual for a 9000 aero in perfect nic , but 20k is ambitious
  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria
    Insane, I didn't think any Saab was worth more than scrap value at this point.

    Maybe I should stick the trashed incomplete 9000 in the paddock on Gumtree for a few $k.
  • is the very nice turbo manual 900s in my front yard worth more than scrap?
  • Sold my non turbo black manual convert able, last of the saab shape a few years ago for 12k but I did need to advertise it for 18 months , but 40k is going to take a while
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    A quick look on Marketplace shows a 9-3 Aero manual for $2000 and a 900S manual for $950. So yeah... there's some optimism going on there.
  • 900s is the newer shape and worth fuck all . I do have a soft spot for the original 900 but not 40k soft
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