240 chipped 240 is a slow learner

RamrodfunkRabbitt @Ramrodfunk Ryde,Sydney
edited April 2019 in Troubleshooting
So I chipped the computers in my 240 NA wagon. I'm stock injectors at the moment, upgrades com8ng.
When I try to start my car now I need to crank it for a long time and pump/stimulate the gas pedal before starts to think about starting. When it does start it searches for idle but if I don't stimulate the gas it will die.
I know the searching for idle is part of the computer learning process but once learnt it goes great. However it's like me learning mandarin, I learn today but tomorrow it's gone and I have to go through the whole process again in the morning. It also seems the longer i leave the car parked the more it forgets. I believe @jamesinc has the same chips that we got from another O.V. member. @Klaptrap24


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