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1999 V70 T5 + R silver wagon parts

Hey guys.
So In the back yard I have two silver Volvo wagons. One is almost completely stripped, and is only good for some panels/suspension and pieces.
The other wagon is 80% complete but missing head off the engine and some panels. (I'll upload photos)
I want it all gone pretty much and I'll try make a list of important parts I have.

V70R front and rear suspension.
V70 8 x silver doors good Nic no damage or cracks to windows.
V70 radiators + plastic assembly which came from the R
V70 16t turbo average condition
V70 standard front headlights and blinkers
V70 R silver wing
V70R rear bumper for dual exhaust
V70R front bumper (quite damaged)
V70 T5 bottom end to engine + auto gearbox
V70 R electric cream seats + full cream interior
V70 T5 black seats front and rear seats) (not electric) leather/fabric combo + 50% black/wood interior.
V70R exhaust oxygen sensor
V70 standard grille and also black honeycomb grille with iPd badge on it.
V70 1 x 17" Pegasus rim with (bald tyre)
V70 T5 bumper (damage)
V70 rear tail lights, no damage good condition.
V70 'R Awd' badged rear door no damage + glass
V70 towbar.

That's all I can think of for now - either message me here.
Email me with your name, what you want and the price you're offering.

Or, for $600 cash bring a trailer around and load one of the cars full with everything you want and take it away.

Cheers guys.


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