Work in progress on the 850 T-5R

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I picked up this T-5R last year as it’s always been on my list as a dream car when I was in school. I knew it needed some serious work but since I have the means now and I certainly have the time, I figured why not. Body needed work with most top panels having the clear peeled, few dings and scrapes on the body. Interior is quite good so a win there. There was a aftermarket stereo which had to go and a horrible aftermarket exhaust which was way too loud and didn’t look good either. Plus all the other normal suspension and service bits which will no doubt come up to do.
This is the car being worked on slowly between jobs by my good friend who has a spray shop.

This is it after the paint has been finished. Starting to look respectable. Now it’s off to my Volvo dealer service centre to do all the mechanical work
While it is at Volvo it is getting a full stage 0. Suspension refresh with bushes and trailing arms and such. New Exhaust from Sweden and trying to refit the standard stereo which is a mission as all the wiring has been nuked to fit the aftermarket thing that was in there.

Just got these. Waiting on the front brakets to arrive. Getting painted next week to match the R callipers. Can’t wait. More pictures coming when it’s out of the workshop and ready to roll. In case some of you are thinking that the wheels won’t clear those. I already have pegs waiting in the shed.


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