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740 Tan interior


  • turvolvo_kidNav (@turvolvo_kid) Lismore NSW
    edited February 27
    Throw me an offer!!!!
    most pieces are here for a complete interior i also have the 4th floor mat
    will replace some of the broken pieces
    usual wear and tear i think the previous owner took it out and put it back so some clips are broken.

  • Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney
    G'day Nav. I have a 740GL 1989 sedan and your trim seems about the same colour (tan). Someone has hacked at the interior trim that runs down the windscreen pillars, the rear screed and is also fitted to cover the interior body (that is otherwise exposed) below the hood-lining and includes the four grab handles in the top centre of the door apertures. Most of the clips are broken or missing. It is paper thin and no doubt easily broken.
    Do you have a full set - or can you remove yours - or direct me to another source. Money is an issue but I will endeavour to meet your price + postage.
    The vehicle is otherwise excellent It looks like someone spat the dummy. Regards, Tiny
  • Hood lining is not included.

  • Brehon47Tiny (@Brehon47) Western Sydney
    Nav l don't want the hoodlinimg just the tan trim as described in my email.Tiny
  • turvolvo_kidNav (@turvolvo_kid) Lismore NSW
    edited March 1
    That was just for the ad incase anyone wanted it.
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