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S90 Ceramic disc brake pads for 2016 XC60

The brake dust on the wheels on my 2016 XC60 is driving me mad. I have tried to source ceramic pads for this particular model but without success. Any suggestions as to where these can be obtained? Jeff


  • I've been running bendix euro+ pads and it's about 1/10th the dust or less of the crappy factory pads
    They are cheap(er) and easy to source within Australia
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    @AshDVS can help too.
  • Hi All, For what it is worth:- I have four Volvo's of the same model, three of which have Non OEM brake pads. These pads do not produce as much dust as Volvo pads, ok, any dust hoses off and may need a wipe to clean the wheels. The wheels of the fourth Volvo with Volvo pads will have to be repainted, they are stuffed, the black dust can't be scrubbed off. This car has been washed about as often as the others, not often! HOWEVER, this car stops with a much lighter pedal pressure and has never given me any cause for concern about stopping distance which is somewhat less for similar pedal pressure. When I drive any of the other cars I have to be aware of the stopping distance V pedal pressure. Sometimes I forget which car I'm driving I get get clammy hand when the brakes have appeared to have failed and I have to stand hard on the pedal to avoid an at fault incident. Point is, be careful when using non OEM parts, there can be side effects.
  • ATE do a ceramic brake pad that I've used of quite a few cars. Much lower dust and only slightly higher pedal pressure required (most people wouldn't notice the difference).
  • Thanks Alex, I had ATE ceramic pads on my Mercedes CLK320 and they were wonderful. Unfortunately ATE do not produce ceramic pads for my 2016 build XC60. Jeff
  • PM me a vin and I'll have a look. They do for some but not all.
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