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Was talking to an old timer once and he claimed that a bottle of metho in the fuel tank was a sovereign remedy for water in fuel.
Anyone else heard or tried this ?


  • Wouldn't risk it ! Just drain the tank, spend the extra time doing that rather than having to replace a ruined engine
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    Yes, solid old-school trick...
  • Yes it helped me out with bad fuel.
  • E10 tank will do a decent job too
  • Or some E85
  • It was used all the time back when I started my apprenticeship You must understand that there was no Super Cheap or Repco to run to for and fuel additive which had not been invented or marketed yet. Metho is compatible as in soluble with water and also with petrol and therefore burns the water. Metho was also used in some water injection in motors in the 40/50/60s and fitted as o.m.e by some manufactures where the mixture was sucked in by small amounts into a jet below the carburetor. It was claimed to give you better economy and stopped the carbon from building up in the combustion chambers. It was quiet common to have to DE-carbon and do and a valve job especially before a long trip. How times have changed with better oils / valves and seats. I would have no worries in using it to remove small amounts of water especially after having a couple swigs of metho.
  • The same guy was a great fan of Kangaroo poo as a radiator stop leak.
  • The same guy was a great fan of Kangaroo poo as a radiator stop leak.

    Fresh chicken eggs can work just as well if not better
  • Emptying a bottle full of metho into a near full tank of petrol works to absorb small amounts of water in the fuel system. I remember my father using the metho trick on an Austin during the late 1940's and 50s. Back then it was not uncommon to buy water with petrol a couple of times a year. I put a 245 on the meths when it got the splutters after filling it at the local servo. It took a couple of K to clear the water. The 245 went for another 150K without a problem. My father made a water injection system for his Austin. He put a model aircraft engine nedele valve setup just below the petrol Venturi in the carburettor. The water/metho system was turned on when the engine was hot. In hot weather pinging was eliminated and economy on country trips went from 35mpg to over 40mpg. Putting your car on the meths works! L
  • The same guy was a great fan of Kangaroo poo as a radiator stop leak.

    Fresh chicken eggs can work just as well if not better

    Probably if youre back of Burke kangaroo poo may be easier to source.
  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    Won't likely do any harm, presumably it's because metho mixes with
    E10 tank will do a decent job too

    Well ethanol is the main ingredient in metho I'm pretty sure, and it mixes with water (I think you accidentally a word)
  • Me accidentally a word. Never I do that
  • +1 on the metho. At tech (in the 90s, not that long ago) we were taught the metho combines with the water and burns through as fuel. Getting rid of the water from the tank. Good to make real sure there is no water at the bottom of the tank rusting away. Not sure where the oxygen comes from to allow the oxidisation, though I have seen tanks rusted through at the bottom.
    We were also taught that half a litre of super (dating myself now) in a tank of diesel would give it more punch. This was before the days of computer controlled diesels, Bosvh VE pump days.
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