Tech tip 240 wiper arms - LH and RH different length

carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC
edited January 2019 in Articles & Guides
In the category of you learn something new every day...I just discovered that the 240 wiper arms at least on 87 and later 240s are different LH vs RH. On the RHD cars, they are labelled (on the bottom of the arm) “RR” I assume for RHD Right side and “RL” for RHD Left side. I discovered this by accident when removing some from an 87 “parts car” and comparing them. One arm is slightly longer (The driver’s side IIRC). The angle appears to be the same (George M pointed out that my 145 had them swapped around, but he could tell because the ANGLE the blade sits at on the early 145 is subtlely different side to side - length is same on those I believe). Checked my 91 240 wagon and sure enough they were swapped onto the wrong side...probably a mistake made by the people who installed the windscreen? Reminds me I need to check the 93 wagon as well.

Having said all that, I can’t imagine it would make a noticeable difference in the wipe pattern - I suppose the longer arm just clears a bit closer to the top of the screen on the one side?
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