240 rear torque rods

Looking for a link for complete torque rods(bushings already in) but cant find any can someone send me some links if they know of some


  • carnut222carnut222 (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
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    Ipd have adjustable ones with poly bushes.
    Or you can go genuine Volvo parts from ipd or FCP Euro or probably even the Volvo dealer in Perth...but cost??

    The bushes are also readily available in OE rubber or poly and any competent automotive shop or DYI with a hydraulic press can put new bushes in. Depending on the year of the car they either have the hourglass-style bushes (early) or the co-moulded steel sleeve bushes (later). That needs to be factored in if just replacing the bushes as the torque rod ends have a different size ring depending on bushing type.. The new rod assemblies come with the later style set-up.

    You could also contact @AshDVS and see if he sells them.
  • I believe the early and late are interchangeable too. At one stage I recall being told the torque rods had been replaced in my 88 240 with early model ones as they were stronger, or better bushes, or something.
    A member here had some adjustable ones installed recently, he may be able to assist with where to find them. He may also be able to assist with correct adjustment.

    iPd link

    Second hand is also an option. Over here (Melbourne) there are two popular 'classic' (or 'old', your call) Volvo workshops and they both post to almost anywhere. Berry Motor Group in Mitcham and Voldat in Morrabbin. I am confident they will both have plenty of stock of these.

    I think I have some bushes on the shelf too which will not be used as I will be using the iPd poly units rather than plan A which was to replace the bushes in the original arms.

    Recommendation is to use the iPd ones. They are on special at he moment, $50 off!
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