S/V40 Now at the Wreckers - (The End of) New Owner - S40 2.4i R-Design MY2009



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    Well, it is now slated for Auction at Pickles in Brisbane.


    People, this is a nice car. The Pickles add says: "Incident Type: Impact, Damaged Entire Vehicle - Impact Damaged Vehicle."

    Seriously, I am not sure what they are basing this on. It was only the rear end that copped the impact. The engine and drive train is wonderful for a car of this era. I was standing still in traffic when a Hi-Lux with a bull bar rear-ended me. No airbags went off or anything, so interior wise the car would just need a vacuum to get the smashed rear window glass out, and then some work on the rear panels, passenger side rear light assembly, bumper bar, boot floor panel, and C-Pillar. Rear-left quarter panel and C-Pillar section would probably be a cut-and-replace.

    Just sharing this in case anyone may be wanting an S40 for parts and/or a repairable write-off project.

    VIN: YV1MS385992467483


  • Well she is now available for parts at a wrecker here in Brisbane: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/rocklea/wrecking/wrecking-2009-volvo-s40/1221420030

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