Turbo lh2.4 ecu and ezk (for 240+t)

cr80442Oscar (@cr80442) Sunshine Coast QLD
Just seeing what parts are around before I start buying other stuff for a +t


  • It is often easier to buy a 740T, I did that for the 240 turbo conversion and it was fairly painless. They can be quite cheap now, just need the space to store one.
  • cr80442Oscar (@cr80442) Sunshine Coast QLD
    Although they are kinda hard to find but I'll try see what's out there
  • tony93Tony (@tony93) SE Melbourne
    I’ve got a chippable ezk you can have
    Then all you need to get is ecu
    Try American or British eBay or turbo bricks or go to a wreckers and try and fine a 940 turbo
  • My friend Rich in Canada, aka DEK2688, has a couple of LH 2.4 turbo ECUs and EZ-Ks to choose from - for sale on Turbobricks.

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