240 240 barra advice

Have started prepping to pull barra out crashed g6e turbo i picked up for cheap to put in my 1988 240 wagon.. am goin to go speak to an engineer who im presuming will answer alot for me but would appreciate advice on the following
Any engineering rules/regulations like what spec i have to fab up engine and gearbox box mounts to.. other engineering rules ill have to follow.
Brake upgrade options
9 inch or heavy duty diff upgrade options
I was thinking bc coilovers but might not go that far straight away so advice on other suspension component upgrades that would work well
Im thinking about buying a haltech pro plug in ecu and a street dash upgrading springs and oil pump gears so will have few ponys
would appreciate any advice,links ect..
This is the lucky car below IjbQJumh.jpg


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