Question on S40 R-Design - Engine Specs - R5 2.5l - Non-Turbo???


I am looking at buying a 2009 model S40. The badge on the boot says 2.4i. It has an R-Design badge on the front grille.

I plugged the VIN number into

The Engine came up as: B5244S4 R5 2.5L

Is this a 2.5 litre engine? Or a 2.4 litre engine? Based on the engine code, it appears to be 2.4 litre. But why then the R5 2.5l in the decoded description for the engine?

There is no T5 badge on the boot. So is this a 2.5l non-tubo???? Or still just a 2.4l normally aspirated S40?

If so, would be the power output be 125kW? Or if an R-Design, non-turbo, would it be more than 125kW?

Appreciate anhy help on this.



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