duratec 5 cylinder engine temps ?

hi guys
with ur 5 cylinder turbo duratec engines what running temps do ur engines read roughly ?
my engine with stock intercooler when plugged into scan guage 2 reads between 88 and 100 up and down
is 100 still ok ?
thinking of running penrite race coolent which has wetting agent in it to help reduce temps by up to 10 deg
that's running full turbo 3" exhaust atm



  • That's normal Volvo have always designed their engines to run warmer than others as it's better for fuel economy.
    Thermos won't come on until 100 degrees
    As long as the overflow bottle is in good condition I would leave it as is.
  • If the temperature remains within that range under varying load, airflow and ambient temperature, then it sounds like the cooling system is functioning properly. In this case, any product capable of increasing cooling efficiency will not lower the operating temperature.
  • hi guys
    thanks for ur replies and info,good to know!
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