240 Fuel Pump Relay Electronics - fried!

My volvo is hanging out in Dubbo with my girlfriends parents as we are currently overseas for the foreseeable future. They are taking her for a spin to Dubbo Zoo once a month to stretch her legs even though I insisted on putting her on blocks in the garage. Anyway, on the way out to the Zoo the car stalled and engine wouldn't turn over. After a quick chat over the phone I figured it was the fuel pump relay and we discovered this..

Has anybody seen this before, I'm guessing my intank fuel pump has shat the bed or wiring needs love.

If anyone is floating around near Dubbo and wants to take a look, there's a case or two of beer in it for you. Otherwise is may be off to the auto electrician for a rewire as I think the connection is a bit cooked.

Has anybody seen this before?


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