940 & 960 Retrofit folding door mirrors

Hi Guys is it possible to adapt the door mirrors on a 09 pre facelift C30 with auto folding/dimming door and review mirrors?


  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Maybe it is possible for volvo dealer to set the computer to run these systems after they are retrofitted but in a lot of the optional extras they need to be factory set.
    If they can be, finding a dealer to do it is first hurdle, price is next if it is possible. Which may be costly enough to say, sell the car and buy later model with those options! Or, still silly pricing.
    They may be a simple software update, still not cheap.
    Ask Berry Motor Group, they will have the parts there and know if it can be done.
    You will need an indie volvo shop with volvo scan tools and software.
    Good luck!
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    There's some differences with the C30 wiring looms depending on year model but I think you should be able to fit the Auto dimming rear view mirror. Depends on what specific model you have though
    Have you tried holding the left and right mirror buttons with the ignition on as my brothers V50 is 06 and it has the folding mirrors
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