C30 [solved] Climate Control Panel Died

MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW
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So, Christmas Day My Sweet and I go to the beach. It's 'only' 28 deg.
When we get in the car we head home and after a few mins turn the air-con on.
Soon I turn the recycle air on.
and a few mins later it's all stopped.
I've removed the radio pocket and cover but don't know how to get the new ( last year) radio out so's I can try and push the Climate unit out to analyse.
Any hints/tips/suggestions?
The 25amp fuse is OK.
2002 S40 Turbo 302,000kms drives like new. .


  • MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW
    It seems if I can get mine out (and it's not just a loose plug), this chap in the USA has 'em for ~$AUD75 delivered.xGUOQKnh.jpg
  • Does this one plug into the CAN bus?


    Dunno about the ?70 models, but our 2010 S80 had a climate control panel fail. It took much gnashing of teeth by some Volvo experts - including the molars of a Volvo dealer - to work out the climate module has to have all of the correct vehicle details in it, otherwise it won't talk to the other modules in the system, and thus will not work. If you pull module panel from a wreck (in the case of an S80) it ain't gonna work, unless the thing is reprogrammed.

    JFYI, as I dunno if it applies to this model.
    71 1800E |73 144 |74 142 |74 145 |79 242GT |88 780 |93 945T |93 945|2010 S80 V8
  • @bgpzfm142 it's not can bus on these models.
    You can simply replace it with another working one. In my experience it's unusual for them to die completely
  • @bgpzfm142 it's not can bus on these models.
    You can simply replace it with another working one. In my experience it's unusual for them to die completely

    This, all of this

    Stupid question @max but how did you test the fuse was good?

    The radio would have come with 2 little tools to release it to let it slide out, if you can give me the radio brand and model I can get you a pic of what they look like
    I think you need to add i was in an s80 with three wheels getting pulled backwards and was told to "hold on shit is about to get real".
  • I doubt panel will completely fail check ALL fuses under bonnet and in the car (not sure if C70 has them inside my V70 Doesnt) not just the aircon related ones Buy yourself a test light from super cheap like this one(dont worry about multi meter this is easier) if not sure google how to use a test light. Test all fuses as if it was working and changed finction to recirc might be bad accuator under dash causing a fuse to blow maybe. ALWAYS START with the simpe things and make sure you always check ALL the fuses.
    Super cheap sell the same test light just re branded ToledofEfUdKuh.jpg
  • If you dont have radio tools you can slide 2X 1 each side small flat head scew drivers( or really small allen keys)KCHdDHsh.jpg
    down the sides of the radio to release the locking tabs as u gently pull the radio out of the steel security bracket might take a couple of goes but u will most likely get it that way
  • @bgpzfm142 it's not can bus on these models.
    You can simply replace it with another working one. In my experience it's unusual for them to die completely

    Good to know. Cheers.
  • It works i have removed a few radios in my time lol and all legit (i am auto Elect) not dodgy car radio theif.
  • MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW
    Thanks all,

    I removed the A/C fuse from the fuse box and tested it with a multimeter. It's OK.
    The wireless is a Kenwood KDC BT21 as in attached pics.
    Will head off to SuperCheap and buy a tester. (Going to buy Stick-on Rear view Mirror as well from them).
    After Brekky I'll go through the entire set of fuses under the bonnet.

    I do appreciate all your help as the car has been giving us a new prob each day - starting on Christmas Eve !!

    Well, we had the sun roof cocked up to let hot air out - and last night - it wouldn't close!
    The 'close' button felt as useless as the air-con controls!
    Just as an aside.

  • MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW
    I wonder if it's a thing called the CEM.
    The module for the passenger seat ha been a bit dicky lately and the ABS/TRACS module is also 'dry'.
    The car had sat in a garage for over 15 years. I got it a few years ago wi' only 46K on clock. ( now 83K).
    Just to let you know if any help.
  • I dont think my 97 V70 has a CEM module. C70 might i am unsure but yes that would control most electric on the body side eg seats,sunroof ect. As your climate control panel apears to be the same as mine. I pulled all the fuses called climate the 25amp onr run the blower fan. All lights still operate and i could hear all the accusators moving just no fan my sun roof still worked. Same with fuse5 15amp climate control
  • As for radio removal you will see small slots between the radio and outer metal security frame on the left and right side of the radio in the middle of the frame. Thats where the radio keys go if u bought the radio and got it fittied you might still have them. They would look sort of similar to theseRWOW4xHh.jpg
    Mine are generic set lots of fifferent ones so dicreguard the blue bits
  • The gap between the black plastic and the metal framie where the the keys or allen keys ect go. I circled in orange. tFeBeyZh.jpg
    It sounds like possibly accessory power problem as your seat sunroof and a/c are all on accessory power. If you do have a CEM i would look at that also. Its hard to diagnose with out looking at something
  • kBwN3Q3h.jpg
    If your fuse box lookes like mine check fuse 35F5icp86h.jpg
    If i pull this 10amp accessories fuse sunroof stops working climate control has same faults as yours no lights nothing no fan. Thats why i always check all the fuses because they can control lots of different things other than what they say. Hope some of this helps
  • MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW
    Done in one!
    Pulled the fuse No35 - 10A. It was blown.
    Replaced it and have Climate - lights and fan etc.
    And the sunroof is closed!
    Now to get another fuse in case, and to have car checked over soon in re other puzzlements.
    Thank you very much and thank everyone one else for their concerns.
    I'm an old buggar but it seems I can still learn!bZwXhkGh.jpg

  • No worries glad i could help. Yes it is always good to keep spare fuses, there is also spares in the fuse box if it keeps blowing requlary then the problem mite be more inolved.
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