C30 [solved] Our 1998 Rear Vision Mirror Floppy

MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW
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Hi all,
The mirror - an annoying auto-dim one, has a broken socket support.
Can anyone help us out with advice/ sales etc?

I'd rather use a manual dim one if possible. Is it easy to install if I can get one?

Cheers all and hope yes have a Merry Christmas and Festive Season.

2002 S40 Turbo 302,000kms drives like new. .


  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    That looks like a spring clip? Put it back on?
    cancer sucks
  • MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW
    edited December 2018
    nah Snoopy - it seems the surround on the 'ball' is broken. The circlip doesn't go on. I had the same thing happen to my shoulder some years ago.
    Broke one of the bones that hold the arm socket in place. Arm kept slipping out ( with terrible pain).
    As in the pics, there is support on the drivers side of the 'ball' and socket but not on the near side.
  • MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW
    A friend - decades ago - had a Falcon wi' stick on rear vision mirror.
    SuperCheap also sells stick-on ones.
    Anyone think this could be an option? I was surprised all them years ago how well the Ford mirror stuck.
  • MaxMax (@Max) Central Coast NSW

    Bought and stuck a Repco mirror on. The glue was Ford approved. Followed instructions ( leave to set for 30 mins - we left if for an hour) and the mirror fell straight off.
    Took glue pack back and the lass said, "should leave for 24 hrs - which we did.
    Drove car 35 kms and upon returning to car on sunny day, the mirror'd dropped off.

    Anyone here wrecking a 1998 '70' Volvo I can buy a mirror off?

    cheers all and Happy New Year.


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