LOOKING FOR: Aftermarket cat-back exhaust for 2011 C30 T5 (Milltek, Borla, Elevate...etc)

Hey guys,
I'm looking for anyone who may be selling brand new or 2nd hand aftermarket cat-back exhaust for a C30 T5, such as the Milltek or Borla cat-back systems (which have been discontinued hence why I am looking for 2nd hand) , Elevate cat-back or any other systems as I am open for suggestions.


  • I'm in this bucket as well
    I think you need to add i was in an s80 with three wheels getting pulled backwards and was told to "hold on shit is about to get real".
  • Magnaflow offer a kit 16479 about $1200USD shipped to AUS (probably plus GST) from places like Summit Racing, but it says 2008-2010 so tips may be in different location. Not sure what else changed with the 2011 update. Kit may be rubbish too, I have no idea!
  • Try Too many Volvos. He's a very decent chap, has some C30s. Tiny
    1974 DL Auto
    Volvo 850 GLT Wagon 5 spd Manual AWD Black Oct 96 Turbo 20v 2.5
  • Just sent him a message thanks. Hopefully he has something for me fingers crossed
  • Might be able to find a 2nd hand xr5 system and get it modified if it doesn't fit straight up
  • Yes I'll look into what modifications are needed for an xr5 system in order to fit a C30. Hopefully not too much modification so that it doesn't break the budget
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