[solved] xr5 volvo engine issues

gday all
have a 2007 xr5 with 2.5 duratec 5 cylinder volvo engine
its recently been showing up
acceleration reduced
steering assist fault
engine systems fault
esp also
car has done roughly 187000 on clock but always serviced and maintained
check batt volts yesterday @12.15 volts and wouldn't kick over
so charged it for 5 hours
cleared codes with my scan guage and went for drive but came up with same issues mentioned above
anyway washed car and went for a 1.5 hr cruise and not a problem in the world
when running battery displayed around 13.6 volts
so it seems to have problems one time and then next time no problems
very weird,any you members have had same problem before ?
could it be the batt or cluster problem may be?


  • btw I just recently fitted a full turbo back 3" exhaust from dream science but this has nothing to do with the faults as they came up well before the new exhaust was fitted
    wow what a huge difference r.e performance,it now pulls like crazy and hooks up real quick awesome

    bloody unreal,the stock exhaust was 2 1/4 diam a real bottle neck from the down pipe turbo flange thru to the cat
    next up want to get a larger front mount intercooler which should help a fair bit as well
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    How old is the battery in it?
    The LS-LV models are REALLY sensitive to weak batteries, so if its over 3 years old, I'd immediately swap the battery out.
    This doesnt seem to be quite as bad on Volvo models on the common C1/P1 platform.

    What are you using to pull the DTCs?
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  • I seem to recall a possible earth issue with the early xr5s too
  • I would be doing battery and then reset battery
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    hi guys
    thanks a lot for ur replies,much appreciated
    not sure how old batt is as I brought car 4 months ago
    the batt indicator still shows green
    its a ac delco brand batt that is in it atm

    batt world has a silver german made brand which I may get,its model number is E38 and its called a VARTA
    I have a scan guage 2 obd2 tool and when driving it says around 13.7 volts mark charging mark
    should the batt be charging more than 13.7 volts during running time ?

    with the possible earth issue whats that about ?
    the issues mentioned just come and go some times

    very strange,the german batt is $339 worth I recall when batt world did a load test and said my old batt still not to bad and battery world one I mentioned has 850 cc amps power
    thanks guys cheers
  • Replace battery, my xr5 went thru 2 batteries over the years, both inital signs of failure were the steering malfunction warning message on the dash.
  • yep ok guys thanks for the info
    I was worried about the problems of the codes and knowing it may just be a battery is great
    cheers guys
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    hi there guys
    ok well today I brought a brand new varta german made $300 battery today with 750 cca power
    high quality and perf battery
    thought that would solve my acceleration reduced
    steering assist fault
    engine systems fault but nope fukn thing still stuffing up again
    batt volts test show 14 plus volts
    what could this be I wonder pls ?
    pissing me off big time
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    fukn piece of shit ford car!!!!
  • all the lights on the dash come on,some times I cant even use the accelerator at all
    its all intermint comes and goes
  • I really want to say canbus ground fault
    I think you need to add i was in an s80 with three wheels getting pulled backwards and was told to "hold on shit is about to get real".
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    hi mate thanks for reply
    speaking of ground wire I think when I fitted my strut tower brace in the engine bay I relocated the earth wire to further to the front of the strut tower
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    also just noticed the car wont start kick over now as well
    I have a dream scicene hand held controller for tuning may it have some thing to do with that ?
    i havnt touched the tune controller at all since I got the car
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    update,i took instrument cluster apart and cleaned and reset fitted plug and removed my scan guage 2 from the obd2 plug port as I heard can give problems if connected all the time,and reset pcm as well
    all seemt to be well so far after a good 2 hr cruise today fingers crossed
    no engine system fault lights,no acceleration reduded lights,no esp faults as well,no limp mode also
    also found company in heidleberg west vic called HOWARD INSTRUMENTS
    they do all elec work and fix all types of gauges as well
    funny enough it mentions on there site about ford focus 2004-2007 dash clusters,my car is a 2007 model
    so it appears to be a known problem these older instrument cluster in ford focus cars
    also as mentioned I replaced battery with a german varta 750 cca
    so hopefully all is well,if not will then take cluster out again and take it to howards and re soldier the 32 pin plug

    it only took about 15 min total to remove the cluster no too bad a job at all
  • Yes mate i hope so so far so good
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