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  • 240 Dash Removal

    I've been researching on how to remove the dash on my 264 (to have the cracks repaired) and have come across this very good pictorial explanation, including tools required. It is left hand drive but my assumption would be that right hand is similar.
  • Project 264 - take 2

    Have been getting pretty poor stereo performance lately and on inspection i found i had blown the rear speakers and the fronts wernt in much better nic. The factory fader would make the speakers crackly and fluctuate in volume. The wiring from the new head unit also caused a crackle if it moved.

    So an overhaul was needed. Bought a nice second hand 10" sub with built in amp to fit the boot better and 4 new pioneer TS-D1002R 4" speakers as a direct factory replacement.

    Re-did all my wiring from the headunit and bypassed the factory fader. Sounds epic now! Very pleased.






  • “Eldig”, Dane’s Red ‘96 850R Wagon

    More progress on the paint refurb. Very light cut and polish of most panels now done. A bit more buffing and waxing to go.

    Roof rails removed, gutters cleaned up, reassembled.

  • Best legal way to replace K-Jet on 1979 242GT

    K-jets were used in 911's. They must be good.

    I know of quite a few sitting in the sheds of owners - rusting away ........... :)
  • New Owner/User | C30 T5

    How much ride quality do you care about in your suspension and how much absolute traction do you want?
    I'd say a semi-aggressive road set-up is what I'm looking for. Track it once in a blue moon then drive it home.
    I'm probably more concerned with traction than outright cornering ability, as that comes into play more often on the street, where the car lives.

    Diff is more important of an upgrade than suspension if your after that form of traction

    Work on the bushings as a priority as well
  • New Owner/User | C30 T5

    18x8 with a 235 has been my plan on my S40 for a while now Fifteen52 was selling rims in aus but has now left from what I can see...

    If your going to call around... just say you have a Focus XR5 that you want rims for... as far more people seem interested in selling you XR5 rims over rims for a Volvo...
  • New Owner/User | C30 T5

    Nice! These cars are good value now. We've had our 2008 T5 R-design for about 6 years now and it's been very reliable needing only regular oil, filter, brake fluid, & coolant changes, plus a new AC condenser due to stone piercing it and a new fuel pressure sensor (apparently a fairly common failure part). It's due for the 10 year timing belt change now...something yours will need too if not already done. With the 6-speed manual and conservative driving we've averaged about 7 L/100 km overall. Also have the TME tune from Mark Richardson at VP Tuning and love it.
  • Australian made wheel spacers - CAOLD TECHNOLOGY

    Try BSA wheels in peakhurst, I'm from Campsie and I got some wheel and hubcentric 25mm 5x108 spacers from them

    Yeah Kev I rang those guys for info and they where really helpful and knowledgable.
    They also quoted a really good price.Gotta get my BBS's on before September.
    If it is about quality, then you are far better off using your eyes and brain, than simply saying "no Chinese".

    I have read a bunch of knowledgeable posts on another forum by a bloke that talked about Chinese quality control. Short version is that there is a culture of doing a shoddy job if they can get away with it, but they are very capable of doing excellent work and are rapidly losing the culture, and becoming far better at self-policing.

    A short surf around "Alibaba" and can track down items that are identical in spec to some well known Volvo suppliers.For example check out "H-Beam" connecting rods that you can get your companys' name etched into the metal and compare them.
    You get what you pay for. Chinese military technology and car technology ,especially electric vehicles, will be fuelling their advancements in the near future. Like japan's goods after the second world war ,their goods were cheap and nasty.Then grew in quality to be how they are regarded now ,so to will Chinese goods rise in quality fuelled by demands from an emerging middle class domestic market and international demands for quality. At the moment it's hard to sort the "wheat from the chaf".
  • Australian made wheel spacers - CAOLD TECHNOLOGY

    It'll still be Chinese. It'll always be second rate to me.

    I work as a pilot and I'm astounded at the number of Australians willing to buy tickets on Chinese airlines because 1) it's cheaper and 2) the perception of quality is significantly based upon the "experience", not the real quality standards behind the scenes that a consumer never sees.
  • Australian made wheel spacers - CAOLD TECHNOLOGY

    China can and will build exactly what you want...from really cheap and nasty to bloody good.
    Most people pick cheap and nasty...